How to Get into Drone Photography

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How to Get into Drone Photography
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"Who knew a few years ago that we would have easy access to devices that would allow anyone to do aerial photography? Who knew that these unmanned flying cameras would become so readily available and affordable for every level of photographer, amateur and professional alike? Yes, practically everyone can afford a drone today and can set out to capture those amazing images from the air.
- Drones are no doubt the fastest growing piece of photography equipment of recent times!
- Drones have taken the photography industry by storm and have created a new type of photography that is sought out for a variety of purposes. Drones come in a range of sizes, have different features and components, and prices for drones vary greatly. If you’re like thousands of other photographers out there and want to jump onto the drone bandwagon, then there are a few things to know and to consider before purchasing and launching your new toy into the air. 
- Starting with good knowledge and basic how-to will minimize accidents and possible damage to your new drone. You need to learn flying techniques, regional regulations for drone flying, and a few other things to keep you and your drone safe.
- Let’s get you flying!"
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- First, How Does a Drone Work
- Second, What Are Your Needs?
- Do you want to travel with your drone? 
- Now, Let’s Get You in The Air
- Rules, Laws, and Regulations
- Test and Practice
- Prepare Fly Time
- Photography First
- Extra Accessories 
Poslední odstavec je věnován editování fotografií
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"Now that you’ve got those great aerial shots, you will want to download them and eventually share them. You may have some shots that are good in composition but off on exposure or white balance. 
Use a photo editor like Photolemur to correct any imperfections in your images to make them look professional. You can also add filters and transform photos into black & white if you wish. Make your aerial photographs even more incredible!"

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